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Why we sell R&F

On our Our Story page we shared our history.  We both enjoy what we do and don't plan on quitting our "day" jobs. In fact, Julie is in the middle of a Master's degree to become a principal.  When we decided to become consultants, we saw a way to support organizations we believe in.


Our family has been on service trips to Africa, Mexico, Dominican Republic and other countries. These groups GREATLY need our help.


Our business with Rodan and Fields is supporting these organizations: 1. Project Manana in the Dominican Republic    2. Bob Goff's Restore International in Uganda.  3. St. Jude Children's Research Hospital,  4. Compassion International and 5.  World Vision.  


I strongly encourage you to check out these groups, they are amazing and doing incredible work!

Project Manana founder and director Brian Berman sharing plans for the new school!  


Pictures from a recent trip to Project Manana's school, food program & clean water program. Giving a filter system like this to a family helps them incredibly. Not only does it provide safe and clean water, it helps the family financially. A family typically spends 10-15% of their monthly income to buy drinking water. A filter allows families to spend more on school, clothing, food or other needs - this is HUGE!

Restore Leadership Academy in Uganda 

Find out more!

St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital


St. Jude's is an incredible place. In existence for 50+ years it was started with the intention of making sure that families battling cancer for a child would have the best help possible. When cancer strikes a child medical insurance resources typically run out leaving families in desperate situations. St. Jude does not charge families for care and does an amazing job of giving families hope.  

Finding Cures. Saving Children.


See more about what and how they do it here. 


Follow them to read about the brave kids they help.  

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Meet Pari!


She is one of the children we support through Compassion International & World Vision.


She loves reading, watching cricket, cooking & is very good at math and science. She lives near Chennai India with her 2 brothers & her family. Her mom works at a hotel and her father does construction. With support, she is the first in her family to continue school past the 5th grade (this picture is a few years old) and she wants to be a teacher.


What we love about both Compassion & World Vision is the HUGE amount of donations that go directly to the kids. If you don't sponsor a child, I strongly encourage you to do so!

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These are a few of our stories and reasons why we do what we do - What about you?  


Do you have a need or desire to make more money for your own family needs or for others?

I'll leave you with the story of one of our consultants, they are doing an incredible work and changing a WHOLE community!


Meet Phil & Sarah Robbins. They are supporting an orphanage in India called Angel House that is home to 100+ children. India has approximately 25 million orphans, the need is great. See the video news story below, be encouraged AND challenged! 



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