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Well, first of all, let me just come right out and say, it isn't. It SEEMS that way, but likely because you might not be currently taking care of your skin. I know that is harsh, but probably true. If you are buying one jar of something from a drugstore thinking it will help with wrinkles or anti-aging, the truth is, it won't. It won't actually take care of your skin.


Another thought, Expensive - but oompared to what? Products that are 15-20% cheaper - but DON'T work? Why spend that money at all? Buying something that doesn't work IS expensive! If you aren't seeing the results with products you use now - any money spent is wasted.


Here is an analogy. If gas from Station A is 10 cents a gallon more than gas from Station B, BUT... gets you 100 miles per gallon farther, you'd buy it!  Is is the RESULT you are after and why you fill up your tank.  Here is what is crazy, this analogy breaks down when you consider most skincare simply doesn't deliver on their promises. You won't see the results, and again - that is expensive! It'd be like going to Gas Station B, paying in advance, and then driving off without filling up. :)  


In a true comparison, you can't compare apples to oranges. R+F skincare gives you the results you will simply NOT see from a $25-30 moisturizer passed off as "anti-aging."


More facts. When compared to other premium skincare - R+F actually is cheaper. R+F pulled their products from stores in 2008 cutting out the middle man & passing savings onto customers (a store mark up can be 50%).  R+F does not pay for ads or celebrity endorsements. So, the reality is, Rodan and Fields is actually CHEAPER when you compare apples to apples!


Bottom line, Rodan and Fields works. It is clinically proven, doctor designed, has a 60 day empty bottle money back guarantee.  You've seen the results page, the growth of the business, the rabid fan base. If these products were average or didn't work - the entire business would disappear in about a month....definitely something to think about!


So - yes, this is premium skin care. We stand behind the products, you won't want to return it. You'll use it, your friends will ask what you are doing different as you apprear to age backwards!


Invest in yourself.

This seems expensive!

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