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It really depends. If you want 25% off your products, all the benefits of business tax write

offs and the ability to earn money from the work already done by two billionaire doctors

with an incredible track record -  then YES!  :)  


Becoming a consultant sounds scary! It isn't. You do not buy or keep inventory, throw

parties, attend crazy meetings, etc. The whole business is online. There are no

mandatory "trainings" and you put whatever time you want into it. I've seen people throw

themselves into this 100% AS THEIR JOB. They often are making 4 and figures in a few

months and are replacing their old jobs. The potential is there and it is real. These were

NOT sales people, many are moms who are busy and can't easily work out of the house.

It has changed their life. Others, like us, are busy, already have fairly well paying careers

and love what we do. (most of the time :)  We haven't invested a ton of time yet

but we are already seeing results.


So - if not interested in any of the above, no problem. Being a Preferred Customer is the

best way to go. You still receive 10% off your order, 24/7 access to nurses for

consultations, free shipping and you'll LOVE the results you see!  


But - if on the fence about being a consultant, here are some thoughts.


First, and most importantly, this is not a pyramid scheme.


1) 85% of all revenues come from product sales - NOT from recruiting new "downlines."

That is HUGE whereas many direct sales companies are more like a 30% product and 70% $$$ from recruiting.  If these products didn't work, the company would die in a matter of weeks. Everything is ordered online and shipped through the mail, so you as a consultant aren't ever on the hook for products, inventory, stock, customer service, problems, etc.



2) ANYONE can sell. You aren't limited by the person who introduced to Rodan and Fields. In traditional pyramid or MLM schemes, you can't easily out earn your "upline," as the commissions are lower than the person who brought you in. With Rodan and Fields, it is a straight return, no pyramid type structures.


3) You can earn (and many do) without EVER signing up any other consultants. Again, CUSTOMERS are the goal, the products are where money is made, not consultant fees.


In a pyramid scheme, the only people making good money are at the top. In a healthy network marketing like R+F,  anyone can make more money than the people above them if they are productive.


A bit about the BUSINESS of Rodan and Fields.  See the Doctors page to learn about their background. This is science, not quakery.























Euromonitor Intl. has released data that shows Rodan and Fields outgrowing competitors. Euromonitor International is a prestigious market research company that has been around for more than 40 years with a footprint in over 80 countries and is the current authority for all international markets.  (Not just skin care.)  They release their findings each year which then become that years gold standard for market research data. In that same report, Euromonitor Intl. states that consumers spend $111.2 billion on premium skin care and forcasts that number to be $131.3 in the year 2019.


The beauty of Rodan and Fields is that the business is conducted online. R+F handles the whole back end, shipping products, customer service, nurses consultations, marketing material, EVERYTHING. I put this website together because I have that skill and it helps me explain the business, but you don't need to do this!  YOU CAN USE MINE!  :)   So, they do everything for you, all you do is wash your face and tell people - and that is about it.


Where could you go to start a business for $25 that gives you a

100+% a year growth rate product line that ISN'T sold in stores,

does all of the back end, customer service, shipping and inventory

control for you - yet still pays you? No where. It doesn't exist.

I've been in the online technical disruption (look it up) business for

15 years. THIS is a game changer. Online retail is growing

year over year while bricks and morter shopping shrinks.

Amazon for example is now growing faster than WALMART.

14% more a year. That is insane. Likely YOU already buy online.


The game is changing and this gives you an opportunity to benefit



I've seen it put this way, Mark Zuckerberg invited 5 people to his living room to discuss a business opportunity. Only two showed up. 

Today those two are billionaires. Who knows what those other three are doing. The most costly thing you can have is a closed mind. See the required by law publicy released consultant income statement below for Rodan and Fields.  Focus in on the number 43% of consultants and the amounts they are earning. This means that almost half of the people who try as consultants are earning money. That is a HUGE number.  You can get more excited about the Level 1, 2 and beyond, but the main point is you earn as a consultant immediately. You don't have to wait months and years before you hit some strange magical quota that changes all the time.  R+F wants to partner with you and for your to be a success!


Reach out if you have any questions and get started, this can change your life!

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Should you be a consultant?

Network Marketing Big Biz

Some people look at Network Marketing as a little "hobby." But if you look below, it represents more business than movies, video games and the NFL combined!


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