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But I'm a Dude....

So... R+F is great for the ladies, but I'm a dude. Why would I care or need this?  You may have seen

this picture on the internet before. It is a truck driver (unidentified) with 20+ years of UV damage

particularly on one side of his face highlighted in this New England Journal of Medicine study in 2012. 

Very sad situation, and yes, a bit extreme. But it is shows what happens if we neglect our skin.


Guys have a strange relationship with skincare. We think it is only for women. The reality is, for men,

neglecting our skin can be deadly. According to the Skin Cancer Foundation, men account for

60% of deaths related to melonoma vs. only 40% from women. Possibly this is due to women already

wearing make-up which often contains some UV protection.


Rodan + Fields has been awarded the Skin Cancer Foundation’s Seal of Recommendation.

This designation is only granted to sun protection products that meet stringent criteria and

provide scientific data to demonstrate that the product sufficiently and safely aids in the

prevention of sun-induced damage to the skin.


You don't have to be vain to want to have healthy skin, protect yourself - and even look younger!


See or listen to this great article from MarketPlace about "How it became OK for men to take care of themselves."  

It highlights those hilarious Old Spice commercials.   "’s personal-care market will reach $4.2 billion in 2015, estimated an analyst with Mintel.....Just over half of men surveyed use specialty skincare products, almost 60% use facial skincare and 80% use hand or body lotion. "


Ask yourself this, as you start to age, do you want to look like the guy on the left or right? Great actors. Same ages too.... 52 & 55 respectively.

trucker-damage-face_web CF RL SP1 RB

Masculine does NOT = weathered and wrinkled.


Aging well does not make you a pansy.


Taking care of your skin does not = effiminate.


This isn't make-up, foundation, cover up, powders, weird lotions or smelly oils - it is science.


So - which products to use? Literally all of the products; Redefine, Reverse, Soothe, Unblemish, Acute Care & Macro Exfoliator will work for guys. On the Results page you'll see TONS of guys results, some below too.


There is a NEW regimen - just for guys. BEYOND the SHAVE.  It is a simple approach to men’s skincare curated by the Doctors specifically to address men’s shaving needs.


This three-step regimen is clinically proven to alleviate razor irritation and reveal better-looking skin & helps address one problem men have with skincare - the TIME it takes! This replaces your shaving cream and after shave and only adds one extra 30 second step - but with HUGE RESULTS!


Go here to order, watch the videos below.

Beyond the shave

Yes, genes play a part & likely they have had Hollywood "work done." :)  We also don't know if they use R+F, but the guys on the right obviously have taken care of their skin. Illustrates that you DO have some say in how you age....