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Bottom Line, like we did -


1) You WILL see results.


2) With the 60 day 100% $ Guarantee.... What do you have to lose  - besides your wrinkles?

We love our results!


We are sure you'll have similar results. If you have questions about what product to use, please ask. We can help you decide if you aren't sure.


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Our Story


Our story is pretty simple. As she is an elementary school teacher, Julie spends a lot of time outside with students as well as running and basically keeping busy. Summer of 2015 she started to notice her normal "summer" tan was beginning to drastically affect her skin.  Mike noticed these weird dark spots on his face. The kind you see on sea captains! We both realized the neglect we've given our skin. Growing up in the late 80's using sunscreen was for wimps and peeling was a badge of honor!


We knew Wendi Green & Austin James and began paying attention to the RESULTS they were putting on Facebook from using Rodan & Fields anti-aging regimens. We ordered both the ReDefine and the ReVerse regiment... "just to see" if this was legit or the same as the lame skincare we used from drugstores.  IT WASN'T!  After 2 weeks Julie was HOOKED, saying it had completely transformed her skin. Mike's took a little longer - but over 2 months, the dark spots DISAPPEARED and lines on his neck began to diminish - rather than getting longer.

Mike and Julie2

Friends started noticiing. Julie would get carded and say"What? I have 3 kids in college!"  

The children in her class at the beginning of the fall told her they thought she was 30 yrs. old!  

See our results pictures below, if and you know us, you SEE in person these results are REAL.


We are a pretty normal couple, Julie has been teaching 4th grade for 15+ years and I work in

technology.  We don't plan on quitting our jobs, we love what we do, but we ALSO know the

products doctors Katie Rodan and Kathy Fields created WORKS and we want to tell people

about them. Our plan in building our business is to support our charities and organizations. 


You might have a need to make extra income, support college funds, pay down debt or also

want to support an organization or charity.  Regardless, this will do it.


We are 100% confident in putting our names behing the quality of these products as well as the business.

Bottom line:

1) You WILL see results.

2) With the 60 day 100% money back guarantee, you have literally nothing to lose - but the wrinkles....

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