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The simple answer is - ANYONE. :)   EVERYONE has skin and is a potential user.

The products work for anyone, (not just women who use make-up) and not just those

with acne. Anyone wanting healthy skin can turn back time, look healthier and younger.

The result is a customer base that creates recurring revenue for those who sell it.


A buddy of mine is a realtor. He makes 10-20k on one a sale, which is great!

But....he has a LOT of work to do for each sale and he doesn't have any residual or

recurring revenue. Not to mention his customer acquisition cost is huge! If he takes a

month off - no income.  Recurring revenue pays you every month, whether or not you

had any new sales that month. Imagine taking 2-3 months off - and still getting paid!


Anyone who knows anything about business will tell you recurring revenue is

where it is at. Once someone becomes a customer and if the product works, 98% of

the hardwork is DONE. Examples of recurrring revenue businesses:

Food, Telecommunications (Internet, Cell service), Insurance, Gas, Healthcare,

Home Consumables (like toothpaste, soap,) SaaS (software as a service), etc. Professional Investors look for companies in growth industries that:

1) have proven products 2) preferably have recurring/residual revenue 3) large potential customer base.  This described R+F!


How many times have you thought, "I'd like to be in business for myself," and then thought about all the barriers or hurdles....inventory & products, storefront vs. online, marketing, cost of start-up, time involved. I've started six businesses in my career, all of them incredibly difficult. Just getting an online store set up is a huge pain. This is where R+F comes in. It is a turn key business and you are ready to go for $25 a month.

  • R+F does the hard work of running the back office, 24/7 phone support for your customers.  

  • R+F keeps the inventory, everything your customers order is online.

  • R+F handles your online store and all the shipping for your customers

  • R+F produces a ton of marketing material - and most important...

  • R+F creates the products that work and people WANT. 


All you do is wash your face and tell people. The worst that can happen is you get great skin. :)


So - what kind of people are consultants? Surely they have to be models or be experts in skincare - right?!  WRONG!

  • Young stay at home moms earning MUCH more money than they could outside the home

  • Entrepreneurial men and women who understand residual/recurring revenue and now "retiring" in their 30s/40s

  • Doctors, nurses & surgeous who recognize the power behind products created by Drs. Rodan and Fields

  • Spouses of pastors and missionaries making enough to support their ministry

  • Successful business people who worked for others in tons of industries who realized they were only making others rich

  • College students just starting out who are already out-earning their parents

  • Actors, musicians and artists who are using R+F to support their dreams without flipping burgers

  • Middle aged professionals finding it harder to stay employed who are now earning more than they did in their "chosen" careers.


Unlike a lot of pyramid companies were there are a handful of people at the top earning millions and thousands below supporting them, we can introduce you to literally HUNDREDES of people who are already earning four, five and six figure incomes inside a couple of years. There are A LOT of success stories with R+F, the growth of the company since 2008 has been 100+% each year. In addition to our two leaders, here are a few hundred more.

Social Commerce

What kind of people are Consultants?

Click on Debbie Foy Coder's post introducing her R+F friends; SEE the HUNDREDS with R+F who are changing their life....  450+ stories so far!



                                                                                                               Meet Lindsey: 23 year old who started w/R+F in college. Click on her image to see FB shot.                                                                          

                                                                                                               BTW - did I mention R+F pays for a Lexus lease for Level V consultants?






























Dr. David A. Wiles (Neurosurgeon) who shares his reasons for R+F, click image.





Rose Gallo-Rojas, former VP of Smashbox Cosmetics

(think she knows a good opportunity when she sees it!? :) )







Cyndi Roberts Darci Toby

Meet pastor's wife Cyndi Roberts as she shares what held her back from starting R+F and what the journey has been since saying YES!  







Click on Darci's photo to see her story. She figured as it has a 60 day guarantee, be nice to her friend, order and then send it back as the products won't work.  


2.5 years later she is making more money per year than she was from 20 years in corporate America.    






Yep! Guys definitely sell R+F! See or hear Toby's story!


Heather has a great story!

Jim Sonya

See Jim & Sonya's awesome story, both being RNs and being SO busy raising three kids. In less than 2 years they earn enough that only ONE works part time 25 hours a week and they are able to use their medical skills to SERVE.

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