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Mike and Julie2

Thanks for stopping by Julie & Mike's site. It is no secret, but we are all aging all the time, but how you look really is up to you. We hope you will take a few minutes to learn about the revolutionary anti-aging skincare created by Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields.


In the 90's they developed Proactiv Solution to combat acne. This product became the best selling acne treatment in the world and is a household name. Since then they have developed multiple product lines that are designed to reverse aging, remove wrinkles and help with sun damaged or environmentally damaged skin.


We've given a little bit of our story, what motivated us to start this business and you can SEE the amazing results. I strongly recommend starting at the RESULTS page. You will be blown away and will see with your own eyes why we stand behind the product. This isn't make-up, a pyramid scheme or a scam - it is REAL!


There are four basic regimens designed for people with skin of all kinds. Know that depending on your use, our experience has been that one package or order will last more than 2 months, Julie's first order lasted over 3 months. If you aren't sure what products are right for you, email or call us and we can help. You can also use this online tool to help you find the best product for your skin type.  See here.


If you have any questions please let us know!


Julie - 805.297.5302   /  juliedietz68 at gmail com

Mike - 805.520.1229  /  mikedietzweb at gmail com




Looking for info about the mini-facial, go here.   For the Acute Care Strips, go here.