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Acute Care Strips Results

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See the main RESULTS overview page here. Some images reflect multiple regiments. Click on an image to see an enlarged image.


To order Acute Care Strips go here.   See the "how to" and the doctors' Acute Care videos below.


What are Acute Care Strips?  First - some technical talk. There are TWO naturally occurring and abundant ingredients in youthful skin: Hyaluronic Acid and Peptides. We lose them as we age. Yikes! Acute Care Strips contains 125 liquid cones with safe Hyaluronic Acid and Peptides that melt & absorb into the targeted wrinkle or expression lines when applied and left on over a 8-12 hr. period.  So.... find a wrinkle on that has been nagging you, apply an Acute Care Strip the night before and in the morning you should see a noticeable result - immediately.


These strips are designed to be used over a few week period for maximum results, but you WILL see some results almost immediately!